Apocalypse Uploading.jpg

Apocalypse, Uploading 

(YA Fantasy/Sci-Fi)

Coming Soon: June 2021

Beck Beasley is just your average eighteen-year-old Jersey girl... who gets transported to an alternate universe by a mysterious green flash alongside her brother, Brad. What could possibly go wrong? Aside from the glowing fish, swarming mutant birds, and other flesh-eating evolutionary anomalies that look like they stepped right out of a horror movie. Not to mention the other pairs of siblings they encounter along the way, also transported by the Flash. With no idea where they are or what dangers lurk around every corner, the group of misfits must band together to figure out why they were chosen, what happened to their homes, and most importantly, how to survive the game of their lives.

APOCALYPSE, UPLOADING is a young adult sci-fi thriller that'll keep you guessing until the end, like READY PLAYER ONE meets THE DARKEST MINDS.