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Dreams so Wicked:
House of Dreams and Blood #1

In Newvayl, everyone is a survivor... but few dare to dream.

Hi, my name is Meryn “Rynn” Uttland and I am wholly unremarkable. A decade ago, half the population was wiped out by a nasty plague and the other half turned into some form of supernatural creature: vampire, faerie, or witch. But not me. Nope, I'm among the unlucky five percent who received no benefits from surviving the plague. Not even the ability to conjure a measly flower.


Or so I thought.

When I visit the infamous Dreamweaver Café hoping to find the inspiration it promises, I share a dream with an enigmatic stranger who connects with my mind in a way no one else ever has. And, shockingly, I discover powers within myself that I never knew existed.

Maybe I'm not so unremarkable, after all.

But with great power comes great nuisances, because I soon find myself targeted by two opposing groups. The Dreamweavers, a subset of witches known for their ability to manipulate dreams, loathe vampires and have a distinct interest in my powers to further their own agenda. And then there's a rowdy gang of vampires led by the mysterious, affluent Dever Kraven, whose distrust of Dreamweavers runs deep and who, frankly, seems a little obsessed with me since we shared that dream. But I don't care how insanely good-looking he might be. He's a Kraven, and the Kravens are known for being nothing more than a bunch of slimy, swindling millionaires who don't care who they hurt in their quest for more money. Surely, he's a terrible person.

But are the Dreamweavers anymore trustworthy? Because they seem a little too cult-y for my liking. And in a post-plague world populated by bloodsuckers, shifters, and mind invaders, one wrong move could lead to devastating consequences... and spark an entire war.

No pressure, am I right?

DREAMS SO WICKED is a dark, fated mates fantasy romance set in a post-apocalyptic world filled with sarcasm, supernatural politics... and more than a little magic.

TWs: Will be added

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