Rose Red: The Sythea Chronicles
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A witch on the run from the fae who hunt her. A bounty hunting fae with a terrible secret. An unexpected union that will shatter everything they thought they knew.

In a land scarred by an old war where fae hunt witches to extinction and collect them for bounty, Rose must hide in the woods with her grandmother to avoid being turned over to the fae king for torture. Rose does what she can to survive, stalking and killing any fae that wanders too close to home and using her magic sparingly to avoid detection.

One day, Rose is captured by a wolf-shifting bounty hunter named Emrys, and she immediately knows two things to be true. First, she must find a way to escape no matter the cost. And second... she's never hated anything more than she hates the fae. Especially her captor.

When the forest comes alive with mysterious, sentient mists, bands of thieves, and strange creatures, Emrys and Rose must form an alliance to survive and achieve a common goal: freedom. But as their tenuous truce is pushed to the limits, they soon realize that they may have a common enemy as well, that the threats of Sythea run deeper than either of them bargained for... and that the lines between love and hate are dangerously thin.

ROSE RED is a New Adult enemies-to-lovers, marriage-of-convenience fairytale retelling.