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About Elizabeth J. Rekab

Elizabeth "E.J." Rekab is the author of various Young Adult and New Adult titles including her fantasy romance series, THE SYTHEA CHRONICLES, and her paranormal thriller series, THE REAPER TRILOGY, which international best-selling author E.E. Holmes calls, "A truly unique paranormal thrill ride."


She's been on every end of the writing spectrum. She's worked as a technical writer and instructional designer and even dabbled in journalism. In summary, she's pretty much your stereotypical English major word nerd who just can't cut herself off from the writing tap. 

She's a former band geek who grew up in Chicago, Illinois, and moved south after high school. Words are her jam, and storytelling is her biggest passion. She loves reading most genres and writing in a variety of genres as well, everything from contemporary romance and thrillers to high fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal, and science fiction.


When she's not writing, she's either binging her favorite shows, searching for her next travel destination, or hanging out with her Yorkipoo, cats, and Senegal parrot in her home in Florida.

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