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The Powered Series #1
Apocalypse, Uploading 

(YA Fantasy/Sci-Fi)

Beck Beasley is just your average eighteen-year-old Jersey girl... who gets transported to an alternate universe by a mysterious green flash alongside her brother, Brad. What could possibly go wrong? Aside from the glowing fish, swarming mutant birds, and other flesh-eating evolutionary anomalies that look like they stepped right out of a horror movie. Not to mention the other pairs of siblings they encounter along the way, also transported by the Flash. With no idea where they are or what dangers lurk around every corner, the group of misfits must band together to figure out why they were chosen, what happened to their homes, and most importantly, how to survive the game of their lives.

APOCALYPSE, UPLOADING is book one of a new young adult sci-fi thriller series that'll keep you guessing until the end. Perfect for fans of READY PLAYER ONE and THE DARKEST MINDS.

Apocalypse Aligning.jpg

The Powered Series #2
Apocalypse, Aligning 

(Coming Soon)

After making the jump to the other side known as Beaslia, a parallel universe where humans never evolved, Beck struggles to adapt to her new way of life while suffering immense survivor's guilt. But still, Beck and the other powered teens go on living as best they can, all while assisting Darius Wippley with his latest project involving the construction of a new sim.


Soon, Beck realizes that Wippley's intentions were never pure, and what's more, she suspects he's using the powered teens for his own personal gain and learning new ways to control them. Can Beck and the others get to the bottom of Wippley's nefarious plans and stop him... before another apocalypse starts?

Goodreads Review

"This is like if Jumanji and Hunger Games had a baby... There are so many trials and twists and turns. Such a page-turner!"

Goodreads Review

"If you're a fan of The Maze Runner series, then you're definitely going to enjoy this book. You can't help but like the diverse characters as they traverse the mysteries of a chaotic world and try to discover who or what sent them to an unfamiliar, deadly landscape... this quick read is enjoyable from start to finish."

Goodreads Review

"Whew-wee-mama! This is a good one if you are into apocalyptic stories. I have read many books in this genre and this one is truly unique."

Praise for Apocalypse, Uploading

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