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The Silents (An Everhaven Prequel)

19-year-old Kat Jones is about to be forced into an arranged marriage. In a town where every resident is required to be married at twenty-one, it's not unusual. As the date of her marriage draws nearer, Kat dreams of running away with Adam Ashby, the boyfriend her parents hate. But that's not possible; the magic around Everhaven physically prevents any resident from crossing its border into the Outside world. However, there is one place in town where she and Adam can go to avoid arranged marriages: The Silence. They're a group of the most devout citizens who pledge their lives to the Provider, the deity responsible for Everhaven's good fortune and the magic surrounding the town.

Out of options, Kat and Adam enlist. At first, they believe they've found a loophole to stay together. But as the day-to-day dealings of the Silence grow increasingly unsettling, Kat realizes she may have just walked into a situation even worse than marrying Peter. A situation with grave consequences that could very well mean death... or worse.

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