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Spark of the Prophet #1
(NA Urban Fantasy)

While grieving the loss of her father, 19-year-old Alice Griffin wakes up with perfect vision. Odd since she'd worn glasses every day since she was a child. Soon after, she's attacked by a malevolent force and learns not only do demons exist, but that she's been chosen to fight them.

At the behest of a mysterious, handsome stranger with ties to her past, Alice joins a hidden school meant for training warriors. Once there, she quickly realizes that demons aren't the only things that go bump in the night. Vampires and shapeshifters exist too. So do angels, who predict waves of violence from terrifying creatures. Angels who only speak through prophets chosen from the noblest warriors.

Only prophets are meant to have predictive dreams. So, why is Alice having them too? And why are her dreams warning her that her father's death was no accident, that the angels can't be trusted... and that an apocalypse may be looming just around the corner?

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