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DEVILS MARCH ebook high-res.jpg

Devils March
YA Horror
(Coming Soon)

Waking up on a coroner’s table with a scalpel sticking out of her chest wasn’t how Miri planned to start junior year, but that’s exactly what happened. Despite the miracle of somehow surviving, 16-year-old Miri is shunned at her old school after taking the blame for her best friend, Jared’s, death. After all, she'd been the one to convince him to join her at the top of Edmund's Peak after a very public fight that ended with both of them falling. Little do her peers know, Jared is still lingering nearby, accompanying Miri everywhere she goes as a ghost.


​Desperate for a new start, Miri moves out of town to escape her past and repair her reputation at a new school with Jared in tow. Trumpet player Miri auditions for the band and quickly realizes things at Elmdale Academy aren’t what they seem. For starters, everyone treats her like some sort of celebrity. Then there are the mutilated animal corpses discovered all around campus and increasingly gruesome deaths occurring as people are exposed to their greatest fears.


Turns out, there’s a reason everyone leaves the football games looking a little glassy-eyed; it has nothing to do with the score and everything to do with the strange rituals practiced by the band, led by an extremely shady conductor. What’s more, Miri is at the center of it all. With the evil at school threatening to spread out into town and affect her parents, Miri knows she needs to act fast before she loses her family... and her soul.

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