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Forest Path

The Reaper Trilogy

17-year-old Abigail Walters knows that after an Everhaven resident dies, they will come to her, just as she knows she will always be an outcast due to her late father’s crimes and her close relationship with the Dead. What's more, she can't leave Everhaven no matter how badly she may want to; no resident can cross its border into the Outside world.

When a string of random deaths and missing corpses plagues the town, Abbie begins to wonder whether her own father’s death was truly accidental, or if he was punished for seeking something he was never meant to find. Unable to trust the authorities, Abbie embarks on a mission to finish what her father started; uncover the truth of a terrifying town conspiracy that threatens a fate far worse than becoming a restless corpse.

THE REAPER TRILOGY is a young adult paranormal thrill ride sure to keep you turning the pages...

Goodreads Review

"Think Pleasantville written by Stephen King... An absolute winner... Elizabeth J. Rekab [is a] fictional writing magician."

Praise for Everhaven

E.E. Holmes, best-selling author of the Gateway Trilogy

"With her novel Everhaven, Rekab has crafted a truly unique paranormal thrill ride. Between the imaginative world building, the intriguing characters, and the fast-paced plotting, readers will be turning pages in breathless anticipation. A brilliant debut, and a promising start to the Everhaven Trilogy!"

Aimee Jodoin, Indie Reader

"Blending genre with unique supernatural themes, exhilarating worldbuilding and an explosive ending that wraps up the book neatly, Elizabeth J. Rekab’s well-thought-out, suspenseful and immersive young adult novel EVERHAVEN begs for a sequel."

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