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The Ghost Junkies
(YA Paranormal Thriller)

Melissa Lowery is failing physics, shunned by the cheerleading squad, and crushing on her best friend, Aaron, who has an annoyingly beautiful girlfriend. Oh yeah, and she sees the ghost of her dead father. Talk about screwed up.

Soon, a fellow ghost seer named Seth convinces Mel to test her abilities in a haunted cabin where he introduces her to a whole new world. Literally. He teaches Mel how to slip into the realm the ghosts come from—a vivid, euphoric place called "The Veil" that sure as hell beats Jaxonville. But when the living in town start going crazy and the dead whisper about a mysterious Shadow Man, Mel realizes that the Veil may hide more secrets than she realizes... secrets that she must uncover before the whole town is consumed by darkness.

Set in 1997, THE GHOST JUNKIES is a nostalgia-filled, paranormal thrill ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Praise for The Ghost Junkies

Loved it! Strong female lead, doing awesome strong female lead stuff! Fast-paced with fabulous dialogue! Loving the 90s references scattered throughout!

Goodreads Reviewer

I thought I was getting a well-written book on hauntings, but the author just drove me down nostalgia road and dropped me off in horror town, in the best way. 

Goodreads Reviewer

What a FANTASTIC, FUN, CREEPY book!! I’m loving this author’s work!!

Amazon Reviewer

 EJR has a voice well-suited to the complicated and angsty young adult genre, and her stories are reminiscent of Christopher Pike.

Amazon Reviewer

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