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The Ghost Junkies
(YA Paranormal Thriller)

Coming Soon: September 2021

Seventeen-year-old Melissa Lowery is awkward, insecure, and in love with her best friend, Aaron, who thinks of her as a sister. Oh yeah, and she sees the ghost of her dead father every Memorial Day. Talk about screwed up. After a drama-filled family barbecue, an eccentric neighbor named Seth turns Mel's crappy life upside down. He reveals that she's a ghost seer, like him. Seth convinces her to test her abilities in a haunted cabin in the woods where he introduces her to a whole new world. Literally. 

He teaches Mel that her ability also allows her to slip into the realm the ghosts come from--a vivid, euphoric place called "The Veil" that sure as hell beats Jacksonville. There, Mel finds an escape like she’s never experienced before. But it could be a permanent escape; every time Mel slips into the “ghost high," it gets harder and harder to leave.