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A Curse of Gods and Monsters 1.jpg

A Curse of
Gods & Monsters
Dark Fantasy
(Coming Soon)

17-year-old Alex Cirillo is supposed to be dead. When he wakes up in the hospital after a brief coma with no recollection of who he is, his friends and family do their best to spark his memory and get him back into his normal routine of lacrosse practice and college applications. But the whole time, Alex can't help but feel like he's an imposter living someone else's life, wearing their body as a shell. What's more, he often has dreams of deserts, pyramids, and grotesque creatures... Dreams that feel more like memories.


It has been two months since 18-year-old Iris Connolly started hearing the voice in her head... the voice who claims to be a god, haunting her every waking move and refusing to stop making demands no matter how many pills or drinks Iris consumes. But when the water in her faucet turns to blood and clouds of locusts swarm her room, Iris decides that it just might be in her best interest to listen to what the voice has to say.

When the voice leads Iris to Alex, they realize they're tied together by forces beyond their wildest imaginations, forces that speak of ancient plagues taking over the world. Now, the pair must work together to stop the plagues from spreading, all while dodging angry gods and terrifying creatures hell-bent on seeking vengeance for an old grudge. Can Iris and Alex stop the gods before everything they love is consumed by darkness?

A CURSE OF GODS & MONSTERS is a fast-paced supernatural thriller laced with ancient Egyptian lore, perfect for fans of THE MUMMY and AMERICAN GODS.

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