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The Switched Book One
YA Dystopian
(Coming Soon)

Lightning strike victim Kora suffers constant tortures from her brush with death: incapacitating migraines, disorienting seizures, and intense nightmares of a brown-eyed boy electrocuted beside her.  To make matters worse, Kora lives in the slum known as The Colony, where water has become scarce, garbage crowds the streets, and food rations are at an all-time low.  


Soon after Kora’s parents go missing, the Colony’s ruthless government implements an extreme form of population control by activating microchips in the brain of every citizen, turning people Kora’s known her entire life into mindless, hungry killing machines.  But while they tear each other to pieces, Kora remains sane, and she soon finds the only other person who isn’t trying to bash in anyone’s skull—a hardened, mysterious soldier named Walker Journey. 


Kora doesn’t trust any soldier, but what choice does she have?  Together, they must find a way to locate Kora’s parents and escape the Colony into the surrounding wastelands before they get ripped apart… or turned into one of The Switched.

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