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Unraveled- Twisted Fairytale Retellings final ebook.jpg

Twisted Fairytale Retellings
(Coming Soon)

Four fairytale novellas combined into one exciting anthology. UNRAVELED provides fresh new twists on familiar stories asking you… what if?

Siren's Song: What if the Little Mermaid was a siren forced to present the souls of lured sailors to the cruel sea witch... until she met a man who she decided to protect at all costs?

Poisoned Apples: What if Snow White was secretly a witch who uncovered the plot to kill Prince Charming... and set out to save him and kill the evil queen?

Castle Arlock: What if Beast and his servants were all ghosts doomed to haunt their mansion forever... unless their curse can be broken by a living soul they call Beauty?

Tangled Web: What if Rapunzel locked herself in a tower to avoid being constantly hunted for the powers her hair possessed... until someone new came knocking?

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